a1biopic2Hello, I’m Daria. Welcome to my website!

I studied art at the Cooper Union (BFA) and the University of British Columbia (MFA). I have lived in China, Canada, the Philippines, California, Minnesota, New York and Washington. Today I live in a brick house in Nevada with a dog, a lizard, some backyard hens, fish, plants, veggies, flowers, a lot of artwork and my husband and son: home!

I love hippie embroidery, plant-human communication, voices in harmony, big open space and mountain lakes, among other things. I got to write about some of them when I co-edited the art and poetry magazine Article: Art and the Imaginative Promise with Kim Bennett. I also love to make drawings, paintings, picture books and comics. I hope that each of my creations conveys a little mystery and a lot of story.

Take a look and let me know what you see…

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